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Tuition Explanation

The most affordable private school in Tampa!


Real Life ALC is primarily supported through the tuition paid by its families. In determining our tuition process, we’ve focused on a few important ideas — trust, access, and responsibility.

The culture of an ALC is rooted in trust. We are committed to developing relationships of trust with students, among the facilitators, and certainly with our families.

Real Life ALC Tampa seeks to be available to people based on right fit, not income level, so we offer tuition fees on a sliding scale.** By trusting families to be generous and reasonable we increase our accessibility.

As we grow, we try to balance accessibility with sustainability. We are always looking at our tuition process to make sure we’re being responsible to our current families and to the future health of the school. This requires balancing the need for enough to maintain the fiscal viability of the school with the limited space for accepting new students. 


We are currently offering tuition at a rate that is comfortable for your family. On your admissions form, simply tell us what is a comfortable monthly rate! Our financial committee will evaluate your suggested rate and pending a successful trial week, we will discuss the options.

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