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Our Vision


The creative mind is about connecting the dots between technologies, environments, people, and problems to bring about solutions that create a more interesting, beautiful world. There is a growing awareness that our common model of education has failed the creativity of our youth, and is only showing signs of becoming more standardized and fruitless.

At Real Life ALC, imaginative thinking is celebrated and creative endeavors define our day-to-day learning. We have tailored our culture for self-exploration which creates an environment that is ripe for discovery of one’s passions, creativity, and flow. Only if we recognize the creativity of our youth and create an environment where their ideas can flourish, will we see a generation that is truly empowered to create a more promising future.  


Part of the creative process is knowing our best tools. The “tech community” of today represents the network of individuals who realize the utility and impact of these tools and have self-selected to immerse themselves within them. We nurture this awareness in our youth.

For us, this means surrounding our kids with the technologies that are defining their future, such as virtual & augmented reality, 3D printing & modeling, biohacking, high-powered computing, and more. Click here to support (coming soon) our efforts to empower our youth through technology and learn more about our vision.



The future as we know it belongs to creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The most impactful entrepreneur is one that leverages their creativity with the technologies that are pushing the boundary of current culture.

Ultimately, we want our children to enter the world feeling wisely-creative, intelligently-optimistic, and compassionate as leaders. At Real Life ALC Tampa, it is our responsibility as educators to create an environment where these traits are not only celebrated but brought out of them in meaningful and fulfilling ways.