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Attendance at Real Life ALC

IF YOU ARE ENROLLED (this does not apply to homeschoolers, unschoolers, or drop-in students), attendance is due at the beginning of each calendar quarter.

  • August (if applicable), September, October, & November attendance is due December 1st
  • December, January, & February attendance is due March 1st
  • March, April, May, and June (if applicable) attendance is due June 7th

    If you are enrolled, you are required to report at least 180 days of attendance each school year. We will keep track of days that you come to Real Life ALC. You will help us keep track of attendance by simply submitting this attendance report each quarter, reporting that you have been either on-campus at Real Life ALC or off-campus: field trips, unschooling, homeschooling, and other experiential learning opportunities for the past quarter. By doing so, you are signifying that you want your child to continue to be enrolled with Real Life ALC and you intend to continue to be enrolled at Real Life ALC for at least the 180 days required each school year. Failure to report will result in your child being un-enrolled.

Requirements for Instruction (link to pdf)

“Hillsborough County Public Schools defines a full-time student day (identified in Florida Statute 1011.61(1)(a)1), as not less than 300 average minutes per day over a 180 day period for a student in or at the grade level of 4 through 12, or not less than 240 average minutes per day over a 180 day period for a student in or at the grade level of kindergarten through grade 3 or in an authorized prekindergarten exceptional program.”

Attendance Form

This form is to keep track of the required attendance days per Hillsborough County Schools regulations for enrolled students at Real Life ALC Tampa.
  • Student Information

  • Attendance Confirmation

    I hereby register that my student has fulfilled the attendance requirement both here and off-campus for the quarter specified below.