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Community Offerings

""Part of the Agile model of self-directed education is providing a rich and diverse environment for students to be able to take advantage of the collective knowledge of our community. Parents and community members are encouraged to make “offerings”; to teach or share their knowledge or passions with our students. These offerings get placed on the Kan-Ban and offered to the students. The offerings will only take place when enough students have expressed an interest in participating in and committing time to the offering. See our calendar for scheduled offerings. Most of these are open to the public on a drop-in basis, but space is limited, so your spot must be reserved in advance. 

Contact us to make an offering

Some Current Offerings:

  • ALC Idol! Master Voice Class
  • Private Music Lessons
  • Art with Jan Awai (Starts in September)
  • Our Whole Lives Sex Ed for K-1st and 4-5th Grades
  • Fall Maker Camp, November 19, 20, and 21
Parent & Community Interest Potlucks

Come and play, get involved, and learn more! We hold regular Parent and Community Interest Potlucks, where you bring a dish to share with others, and learn more about the Agile Model. Meet the Real Life ALC parents, staff, and community! Check our calendar for upcoming PCIPs, or RSVP below for the next one.


Weekly Tutoring

On Mondays, the Hillsborough County Schools have mandated a half day. Real Life ALC Tampa is offering general tutoring for students who want or need it. Group tutoring will take place each Monday from 1:30- 4:00pm for public and homeschool students. Agile Learning Facilitators are available for homework help and other supplemental activities to improve proficiency in math, reading, and writing. Tutoring registration occurs monthly for the following month.

Weekly tutoring rate: $30

Contact us to arrange tutoring for your child.

Field Trips and Events

As part of a diverse learning experience, Real Life ALC Tampa offers students the opportunity to participate in various off-campus activities and events, including but not limited to:

  • Museums
  • The Library
  • Parks

And much, much more!


Off-Campus Activity Release/Waiver Form

Volunteer Driver Form

Startup Camps

""During Hillsborough County school holidays, we offer camps for kids- maker-style, start-up, craft camps. They are open to the public, and we welcome anyone 6 and over to join us.

Fall Maker Camp– November 19, 20, and 21 

Winter Start-up Camp

Spring Start-up Camp



We love interns! And you love children! And you’re a fellow revolutionary wishing to make change in the world with us through education. This is an unpaid but highly rewarding internship that is eligible for internship credits. 

Intern with us!