Tuition Worksheet

This form helps you work with the school’s sliding scale to calculate a recommended tuition rate.

  • Instructions:

    The process works like this:

    1. You use the worksheet to discover your recommended rate on our sliding scale.
    2. You propose a tuition rate that is realistic for you to be able to pay.
    3. Finance Committee reviews your proposal to determine if the school has openings available at that level of payment.
    4. If your proposal is accepted, then within 5 days, you must complete an enrollment agreement and pay your enrollment deposit to reserve your place at the agreed upon tuition level.
      OR… If your proposal was NOT accepted, you can make another proposal to qualify for openings at a higher payment level.

Tuition Worksheet

  • Personal Information

  • Annual Family Income

    Please enter your income before taxes from ALL INCOME SOURCES (including any child support, support from family members, trusts, etc.) whether you normally claim them on your taxes or not.
  • Tuition Modifiers

  • Final Calculations

  • This number gives you a sense of what our Finance Committee criteria consider an appropriate payment amount (per student, based on slider).
  • Trust is an essential element of the ALC culture. Instead of vetting each family's finances, we ask that you make a tuition offer from your personal knowledge of what you can afford. Depending on openings available at specific payment levels, we may not be able to accept your proposal. Please be as generous you can. The sliding scale is only made possible by everyone contributing whatever they can make work. There is a sibling discount, which will be subtracted from your final tuition amount agreed upon. There is also a 10% discount for paying the year up front, and a 5% discount for paying the semester up front.