At Startup Lab, kids are entrepreneurs. Today.

Are you tired of hearing kids say “When I grow up, I want to…” ?

Our kids aren’t waiting to live the lives and do the things they’re passionate about.

Startup Lab is about unleashing children to playfully explore and share their creative gifts now!  

Kids design, create, and sell products and services at a real life marketplace, bringing their own projects and/or jumping into projects held by their peers and/or program facilitators.

Some projects at our last Startup Lab were:


Baked Goods

Pop-Up Holiday Cards

Dipped Beeswax Candles

Sculpted Coasters


Impasto Crayon Paintings

Recipes in a Jar

Natural deodorant

Wildcrafted Pink Peppercorns


Crocheted Hats

Sculpted Ornaments

Holiday Punch

And More!


              Jan. 19    Thursday

              Jan. 20     Friday   


 Dropoff:  9:30       Pickup: 4:00

 Dropoff:  10:30     Pickup: 1:30


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Maker Lab              Real Life ALC

Marketplace          Kate Jackson Park


Kids bring their ideas and projects they’re excited about and/or dive into any of the exciting projects we offer to meet diverse skills and interests. All ideas are welcome! We love improbable, wild ideas and will support kids in pursuing them as far as they want, as that’s where the richest learning and innovation lie.


We make a plan for our day using simple tools to self-organize around what we want as individuals, and as a collective. Kids plan, prioritize, and coordinate to have fun making a diverse array of things happen together, practicing the meta-skills that entrepreneurs (and successful employees) need in the 21st century.


The vast majority of our time is spent making things a reality. After a short and simple morning meeting we get right to play (work {play}). Kids craft and fabricate, produce promotional materials, manage finances and accounting, participate in independent and group ventures, and organize the whole Marketplace event.


On Friday morning we set up the Marketplace to present, promote, and sell our products and services. We support each other in the process and have a blast sharing what we’ve made with the community. After closing up the marketplace and doing our accounting, we reflect on our experience together to digest and share what we learned!


Visitors                  $100

ALC Students       $35*

*in addition to regular Thursday tuition

  • 20% discount for siblings beyond first
  • Limited Scholarships available – please contact us for details


  • Packed Lunches, please
  • Kids are welcome to bring materials and tools from home
  • We’ll be in touch with more details as the Startup Lab approaches
  • Applications are due by January 16th


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If you’ve any questions, please send us a message or call us at:

         (561) 307-7718

425 S. Orleans Ave, Tampa

Experiential Learning

All the learning at Startup Lab is Self Directed. Instead of teaching content and concepts, we’re keeping a supportive and creative cultural container, and holding an open and empowering environment for relevant lessons to emerge through the kids’ direct, first hand experience.

Engaging Powerfully in the World Our world does not truly acknowledge the power children have to contribute. One of the most appealing things about video games are the currency systems that acknowledge the work, skill, and value the players develop. Outside of contrived tests, homework and grades, kids don’t have a lot of opportunity to see the value of their efforts. By giving kids the opportunity to produce real value and earn real money, we’re telling them that they can make real things, with real value, in the real world.

Real World Math We all know math is important, but most math schools teach rarely gets applied in the real world. The math that is most relevant to people’s lives is the math of money. Our kids track and account for expenses, calculate profit margins, set price points, register sales, and divide money up among themselves to get paid. They learn real world math, joyfully, easily, and without pressure, because the learning is integrated into the fun we have!

Money Talk Communicating about money can be challenging, and it’s an important skill to have. We want our kids to have this skill, so we set them up to practice in a supportive and fun environment so they get practice and gentle coaching asking for what they want and negotiating financial terms agreeable to all parties (including five year olds).

Independence Kids work on what they want, when they want. Our role is not to be managers, or bosses, but to hold a supportive and creative culture and environment, so they kids learn to manage themselves in ways that work for them, as individuals and as a group.  This is what some of the top companies in the world do to create ideal work environments for people with different learning and working styles.

Interdependence Kids explore concepts related to equality, morality, sovereignty, ownership, and economic worldview through questions the structure of Startup Lab raises, such as:

  • Who gets what share?
  • What cut goes to the school/camp?
  • How much does each camper get?
  • Do we collect and distribute all income?
  • Does each project operate as a sovereign entity?
  • Will there be competing businesses and/or cooperatives?
  • Will there be sole owners and/partnerships?

…These are big questions with no right answers that lead to deep learning that fits seamlessly into an experience that is focused on the joy of creating and sharing together!