Flexible admissions schedule: Currently accepting applications for 2016-17 school year based on space availability.


Rolling enrollment: Since each student’s curriculum is self-generated, you can enroll any time during the school year. Tuition is prorated for the portion of the school year enrolled.


Tuition: Real Life ALC Tampa is one of the most affordable private schools in the Tampa Bay area. We currently offer a monthly enrollment option and a daily drop-in option, ensuring a fit for every family. We also offer help in securing scholarships for families who may require financial assistance.


Admissions Process

Step 1: Research: Explore the ALC educational model and our comprehensive FAQ page on the ALC Network site. Visit our about page to find links to articles, websites, videos & books that have inspired the school. Read the content on our Facebook and get a feel for what we are creating together!


Step 2: Attend: Attend a Parent & Community Interest Night! These are currently announced on our Facebook page. You can RSVP for the next one here.


Step 3: Apply: Complete our online application and we’ll contact you to schedule a tour during the school day to get a feel for the environment and meet students & staff.


Step 4: Trial Days/Week(s): If we all want to move forward after the tour, the next step is scheduling a trial day or week. This allows the student to experience what it is like to be here and lets us make sure the student is a good fit for our environment. Your child can attend a one or two day and up to a two week “trial period”. This longer visit allows students to participate in the variety of experiences at Real Life ALC since each day is different.


Step 5: Welcome to the ALC Family! 

If we all decide we are a great fit for each other after the visit period, you complete your enrollment by paying a deposit of first month’s tuition and executing the final enrollment documents. If you are requesting tuition assistance, let us know on your application so that we can begin the scholarship request process together.